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Download Various - Do You Think It's Cool, To Be A One Men Scene?! Flac

Download Various - Do You Think It's Cool, To Be A One Men Scene?! Flac Performer: Various
Title: Do You Think It's Cool, To Be A One Men Scene?!
Style: Breakcore, Abstract, Gabber, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Hardcore, Experimental
Label: Trash Tapes, Bad Taste
# Cat: Trash Tapes 20, Bad Taste #11
Released: 01 Aug 2000
Country: USA & Europe
FLAC album: 1718 mb
MP3 album: 1390 mb
Rating: 4.9
Genre: Electronic


1Beep The SpeakerPrenatal Conditioning Song #216
3Deep EM-BIENT 2000 (Deutschland Weint Wir Rocken)3:30
4Slave CylinderImpacted Extraction
5Bufo Buffo2:102:10
6Noize CreatorKimono Aus Tokio2:56
7Alexdee & Skelton 93Give Us 3 Min2:27
8XotoxI Want You (Edit)2:59
9OhmkillFriday Night/Butthole2:58
11Tremor I Guess (Can't Cry But Want To)3:00
13Stallio!Robot Bunny Rabbit
14Gabbist MonksBrown
15Completely Fucked-Up SocietyDadadance2:26
17Matt DemmonIt's A Pose
18Mainline Gettin' Punchy1:21
19MurkboxFour Twin Tea2:54
20Dr. Butcher M.D.DM77343:14


  • ArtworkPatrick Franke


Limited to 100 copies from Trash Tapes and 100 copies from Bad Taste.


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